Don Meltz planning and GIS is an independent planning consulting firm, owned and operated by Don Meltz, AICP.

What I do

I am a planning consultant. I work with government officials and the residents of small towns and rural areas. I help them identify strategies that will in turn, help them build a better place to live in.

Manorkill Watershed

Manorkill Watershed – Erosion Modeling

As a planner, I deal with both present conditions and future possibilities. I work with the latest technology and online tools to gather, analyze, and present information in a way that’s useful for my clients, and understandable to their constituents. In the past I’ve usually described myself as — A planner that specializes in GIS. But planner is sometimes too general a term for people to understand without further explanation, and the acronym GIS comes with it’s own set of problems. GIS (geographic information systems) is so much more than just using a computer to make maps.

Most of the information planners use has a geographic (i. e. spatial) component. The best planners are also excellent communicators. They know how to distill massive amounts of information and present complicated concepts in an easily comprehensible way. This is what I strive to do. And so, I like to consider myself an expert in Geospatial Communications.

Other pages on this website contain examples of the work I’ve done for many of my clients. There is a news page that contains announcements of my newest clients and projects. I also maintain a blog where I post a variety of articles, usually on the more technical aspects of what I’m working on at any given moment.

If you would like to contact me to discuss your particular needs and the various services I can provide, please send me an email or give me a call.


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