ArcGIS 10 Annoyances – Picture Properties Bug Not Fixed

Here’s another annoyance I just ran into today. When I try to resize an inserted graphic in a map layout using the Picture Properties dialog box, the new values are not saved. In fact, when I open the Picture Properties dialog of a graphic that has been resized, it reverts to its original size, even without saving it. Here’s what I’m trying to do.
I insert a logo into a map layout (Sorry @PetersonGIS, it’s required by my client 🙂 and attempt to resize it. In this case, the original is 10” high by about 18” wide. I set the height to 3”, check preserve Aspect Ratio, and click OK:
Nothing changes:
I can resize the graphic by selecting it in layout view, and then dragging one of the anchor points. Here’s what I want the logo to look like:
So why am I complaining? Well, I want the logo border to line up exactly with the border of the white rectangular graphic it’s placed over. I can get it close freehand, but I have to set a guide and snap to that in order to get the size just right. Also, if I open the properties dialog again to change anything, even if it’s not related to resizing, I have to go through this process all over again. That’s very annoying.
A quick search on the ESRI website reveals this is a known bug:
ArcGIS Resource Center – Bug NIM059805
Now I’m not one to complain about a company having a few bugs in a newly released piece of software, especially something with as many changes to it as ArcGIS 10 has. What bothers me about this bug is, it apparently will not be fixed in the recently announced Service Pack 1!
This, ladies and gents, is going to be a major annoyance.

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    1. Don Post author

      Thanks Graeme-
      The descriptions of the bugs are slightly different between NIM059805 and NIM058710. I hope they are truly duplicates, and that it gets fixed with SP1.

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