You can access my internet profiles and online activities through the following web sites.


I follow over 1,000 other GIS and planning professionals on Twitter, and post to my account daily. Twitter is a unique place on the internet, sometimes referred to as the online water-cooler. It provides a very relaxed, informal atmosphere where people can discuss anything, from the latest beta release of their favorite Open Source GIS application, to what they had for breakfast.


I post to my blog about once a month. Topics range from technical aspects of planning and GIS, to more personal thoughts about current events. They will usually have a geospatial element to them.

Google +

This newest online social networking tool is starting to gain momentum. You can check out my G+ stream from my Posts page and add me to one of your circles from my About page.


LinkedIn is a great place to post resume type information and status reports. I usually update my status once a week, and I belongs to a number of GIS and planning related groups.


I reserve my use of Facebook mostly for family and close friends, but I use it for a few business associates, too. Feel free to send a friend request if Facebook is your social network of choice.