For my clients that require an online mapping solution, I use the OpenGeo Suite of online mapping tools, and host these “slippy maps” on Amazon Web Services cloud servers. This combination of open-source software and cloud computing hardware allows me to provide this service at a wide variety of scales. The customer does not have to purchase expensive long-term software licenses, and can minimize the online costs by only purchasing cloud services for the time needed.

These online maps are fully customizable to suite your individual needs. You can try out a prototype of this map below, or you can open it up in a new window to get the full experience.

The costs for putting together an online map will vary widely. It will be based on the level of customization desired, the amount of data needed, the length of use, and the level of use you expect the map to receive. If you would like to discuss your organizations needs, please send me a note or give me a call.


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