Delhi Kiosk Map

One of the projects I’m working on involves an economic redevelopment plan for a five town – two village area in the Central Catskills. One of our recommendations to them involoves developing a unified way-finding and mapping system that will help visitors find their way around and through the area. While doing some research on the subject, one of our team members found this cool map recently displayed in the Town of Delhi, NY. Delhi (pronounced “Dell-high”) is also a Catskill Mountain region town, but outside our study area.
Instead of going into detail about how the map was made, I’ll just point you to the bovinabrownbats website and their post titled: A new map for Delhi!
I will tell you, it was not done in ArcGIS, nor was it done using any opensource GIS tools. However, I do think someone proficient in Photoshop might be able to come up with a 2-dimensional version, if they tried really hard.

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