GeoSandbox grows up to be a “Real boy”

A quick update on the status of my little experiment.
This morning I got it in my head that I wanted to access my GeoSandbox in ArcMap through WMS, and allow others access to it through the same mechanism. Through much trial and error, and some timely help from @mcbride_bryan, I was able to accomplish my goal. If you want to try loading any of the data on my GeoSandbox into your GIS client of choice, you should be able to do so through this URL:
Here’s a screen-shot with all the current layers loaded:
Thanks also to @tpstigers for verifying that he could access it in his GIS app of choice, QGIS running in Ubuntu:
I’m really surprised at how fast these layers load. They seem to load much faster through the WMS than they do in the webpage.
So, I am happy to report that my little GeoServer toy is well on its way to becoming a “Real Boy”

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  1. If you are up to trade a little speed for some map coolness try adding the following at the end of your isoline text symbolizer:


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