This page contains links the Town of Stockport’s adopted Comprehensive Plan, and adopted Zoning Law.

Please note: this is NOT an official Town website. The documents accessed through this page have been posted for the convenience of town officials, residents, and other interested parties. Printed versions can be viewed at, or obtained from:
Town of Stockport Town Hall
2787 Atlantic Ave.
Stottville, NY 12172
(518) 828-9389

Comprehensive Plan (Adopted June 11, 2013)
Comprehensive Plan Maps:

Water Study Maps (part of the comprehensive plan)

The Town Board has adopted a new Zoning Law. The text of this new law and the accompanying maps can be downloaded through the following links:
Zoning Law (Adopted July 17, 2013)
Zoning Law Maps (Adopted with the Zoning Law, July 17, 2013):

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